Keep Your Car in Good Shape

Keep Your Car in Good Shape

We provide automotive maintenance services in the Minnetonka and Excelsior, MN area

Your car needs more than just gasoline to keep it working right. Mechanics at E. Buck Automotive can take care of the automotive maintenance services you need. You can trust us with any kind of maintenance, from changing your oil to flushing your coolant.

Regular maintenance is important. If you don't fix small problems when they arise, you could end up sitting on the side of the road calling a tow truck - nobody wants that! Get your car checked out now to avoid:

  • Breaking down on the side of the road
  • Mounting repair costs in the future
  • Faulty equipment causing an accident

Call now to request automotive maintenance services in Minnetonka, MN.

You can count on our auto tune up services

We're Minnetonka and Excelsior's Top Choice for Auto Repairs

Auto tune up services keep your car operating smoothly and give you peace of mind. We'll check over every component of your vehicle, from the fuel filter to the spark plugs, and make adjustments where they're needed.

When you drive away from E. Buck Automotive, you do so knowing that your car is in its best condition.

Visit us today for auto tune up services in Minnetonka, MN.